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STAR specialises in project management, consultancy and staffing for the Oil & (Petro) Chemicals, Gas, Energy, Storage, Offshore & Marine, Life Science and Civil & Infrastructures sectors. 

We know it can sometimes be difficult finding the right technical support for your company or for a specific project. That’s why we provide industry specialists with specific, expert knowledge, and proven solutions to help your organisation achieve its goals.  

Rather than working with a myriad of different suppliers involving multiple handovers, you can deal with a single, reliable organisation that has a team of dedicated people who understand your business inside out and the challenges you face. We are essentially your one-stop shop, providing solutions for all your project requirements, guaranteeing support throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

We know you expect the best - that is why we only work with the best.

I work on projects for most leading companies within the Petrochemical industry.
Reinier Lissenberg, construction manager

Project Solutions

With Project Solutions we are taking another step in relieving you of any project-related concerns. In this fast-moving industry it is sometimes difficult to secure specific knowledge. Based on its experience, STAR provides the expertise needed, while you get on with running your core business. The support we provide depends on your needs. STAR can draw on its own systems and software, or provide advice about improving your methodologies and processes.

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With many years of experience in the industry, STAR can spot that special, talented individual and attract them to your business. We have a vast network and our people know true talent. We understand our client’s business, the challenges they face and we can identify the right person for their business - someone who fits in with their company culture. We know it is not just about finding the right person but retaining them too.


Connecting powerful people in powerful projects

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